"Western Kentucky University (WKU)"
(8th place overall; 8th in paper; 16th in presentation; 5th in product)

Anthony P. Crest Award for Innovation


WKU was first off the block and the team relied on 4 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 2 screens, included a video segment, and presented their effort from a business standpoint.

The team explained how they relied on hard work and determination during their stint.  They stressed that they relied on innovation in design and developed a method for efficient construction.

Hull design came next.  The team made a comparison to previous entries and explained how they performed a flow analysis to evaluate the drag coefficient in shallow water.

Structural design came next.  The team stressed that efficiency and simplicity were important parameters and said that they relied on previous experience to manage the effort.  They explained how they performed a 2-D and 3-D analysis.

Mix design focused on strength, workability, and finishability.  They said that they used carbon fiber as a strengthening element.

Form construction came next.  The team explained how they used a computer-generated method to construct a male mold.  They explained in detail how their inlays were added and elaborated on how the concrete was sealed.

Management came next and the team mentioned that this was the first year that they competed as and ABET accredited institution.  Finally, the team showed how they finished the canoe in an effort to address questions that arose during the product judging.

Questions and Comments:

  • What is “knotted” fiber cable and where did the idea come from?
  • What was your knotted fiber made of?
  • What was the purpose of using a “viscosity-modifying” admixture?
  • Did you want to increase the flow?
  • Define workability.
  • Where were your pre-stressed structural elements placed?
  • How did you select your binders and admixtures?
  • Did you use white cement?
  • Questions were asked about the water added as sown on the mix design table.
  • What condition was your aggregate in when you mixed your concrete?
  • Would you expect to achieve the yielded proportions specified in your mix table?
  • Why didn’t your finishing mix meet the ASTM C33 requirements?


Canoe Name: Topper Chopper 
Length: 21.4 ft
Weight:190 lb
Color: white

Vital Statistics

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