"University of Washington"
12th place overall; 10th in paper; 11th in presentation; 8th in product)


Washington relied on 3 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 1 screen and presented their effort from a theme/business standpoint.

The team began by explaining the rationale behind the name selected for their canoe.  They followed this discussion with an introduction and description of the major tasks accomplished during their stint.

The team elaborated on their operational breakdown structure.  After highlighting their schedule and critical path, the team described the attributes of their canoe,

Mix design came next.  The team described the constituents used in their mix design.  They elaborated on the admixtures and explained why they employed them.  Then the team explained why they selected the reinforcement that they did.

Mix design and testing came next.  The team described the methods used and provided the results from the tests conducted. 

They elaborated on their construction method and pointed out that their boat needed no flotation.  Finally, the team described their paddling practices elaborated on the things that set them apart from the pack.

Questions and Comments: 

  • Do you know what the question is associated with you the theme that you selected?
  • Was your water removal process a manufacturer’s recommendation?
  • Did you test with or without oven-dried constituents?
  • Why did you select cement having a fast curing time?
  • As far as mix design is concerned, what numbers would you add to calculate your yield?
  • Ideally, what yield are you striving for?
  • The judges remarked that there was an anomaly in the table and then asked the team about discrepancies between the curing cycle used in testing as opposed to construction.
  • Why did you assume that the ends of your canoe were fixed during your analysis? 


Canoe Name: Don't Panic
Length: 20.667 ft
Weight:178 lb
Color: black, purple, and gold

Vital Statistics

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