"University of Alabama in Huntsville (Team UAH)"
(7th place overall; 6th in paper; 5th in presentation; 18th in product)


Team UAH relied on 6 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 1 screen and presented their effort from a business standpoint.

UAH began by specifying what they thought it takes to win and proceeded to elaborate on their theme: “We’ve got it covered!”

After outlining their history, the team elaborated on the most innovative feature of their hull: “STARS.”  They outlined the salient features of the design and showed how the hull moved through the water like a fish.

Mix design came next followed by a description of the testing methods employed.  The team mentioned the main design parameters and explained how they met their design goals.

They mentioned risk management and safety and elaborated on their web prowess.  They mentioned that cementitious materials may replace aerospace composites and said that they wanted to bring the national title back to where it belongs… in the Southeast.

Questions and Comments: 

  • Tell me a little about the risks in your program and how you addressed them.
  • What percentage of propulsion do you think that you obtain from your flexing motion.
  • What was the saturation state of the aggregates added to the mix?
  • How did you achieve the smoothness of the finish on the outside of your baot?
  • Tell what strength was identified in your profiling program and how it added to the strength of your team.


Canoe Name: Full Spectrum   
Length: 21.56 ft
Weight:174 lb
Color: black with multicolored attributes

Vital Statistics

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