"South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSMT)"
(.. place overall; .. in paper; .. in presentation; .. in product)


South Dakota relied on 3 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 1 screen and presented their effort from a business standpoint.

After a brief introduction, the team described their hull design.  They elaborated on the changes made from last year and went on to hull analysis.

They explained how the stresses were obtained and they outlined how the forces were modeled.  The team determined that the maximum moment occurred in the 4-person and 2-man races.

 The team explained how they developed their design and elaborated on the constituents selected to meet the requirements.  Then they described mold and canoe construction. 

They explained how they placed 3 layers of concrete with 2 layers of reinforcement in between and said that the process took only 7 hours to complete.  They ended by describing their curing and finishing techniques.  Then invited the judges to ask questions.

Questions and Comments: 

  • What is a dynamic load factor?
  • Relative to your margin of safety, what uncertainties are there in addition to paddler and canoe weights?
  • Why did you employ Portland Type-3 cement?
  • Did you see any detrimental effects when you used a higher dosage of water reducer than recommended by the manufacturer?
  • Did you change the amount of air entrainment and water reducer simultaneously?
  • What effects are there when air is entrained in concrete?


Canoe Name: Screaming Eagle   
Length: 21.235 ft
Weight: 235 lb
Color: black

Vital Statistics

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