"Ohio Northern University"
(13th place overall; 8th in paper; 10th in presentation; 16th in product)

Excellence in Design Award


Ohio Northern relied on 4 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 1 screen and presented their effort from a business standpoint.

After team introduction, the team focused on management and described their operational breakdown structure.  They mentioned quality control and elaborated on their safety-training program.

Hull design came next.  The team explained what changes were made to their most recent entry

They employed FEM to quantify the stresses and employed a pre-stressing system to resist them.  The team explained how they analyzed their pre-tensioning cables and quantified the required design parameters for their concrete.

They explained the rationale for selecting their constituents and elaborated on their chemical admixtures.

The team described their test program and outlined the results used to study their reinforcement.  Then they explained how they constructed their form and concrete canoe.

The team mentioned that their concrete was placed in three layers and that the layers were pre-cast.  They explained their construction scenario and outlined their curing and finishing techniques.

 Questions and Comments:

  • Did you experience problems with the holding pins punching through the mold during construction?
  • Why did you use 360 lb for your pre-tensioning stress?
  •  How did you verify that you achieved that pre-tensioning force?
  • Why did you choose the fibers that you did?
  • Why were two different types employed?
  • What was your starting slump before you added extra air to your concrete?
  • Did you consider the 3-peron loading condition?
  • What were the loading cases that you did consider?
  • How did you model your transport stresses?  


Canoe Name: American Pride   
Length: 21.479 ft
Weight: 189 lb
Color: red

Vital Statistics (debut)

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