"Oklahoma State University (OSU)"
(11th place overall; 15th in paper; 13th in presentation; 4th in product)


OSU relied on 3 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 1 screen and presented their effort from a business standpoint.

Following the team introduction there was a uncomfortable delay while getting the computer booted.  But the team handled this well and began undaunted by elaborating on their management and goals.

They explained how they included Buckeye UltraFiber to strengthen their mix in order to reduce cracking.  Then, the team explained their design criteria and outlined how they went about mix design.

They said that they tested 32 different mixes and explained how an appropriate balance was made between strength and weight.  Then the team detailed the aggregates and admixtures incorporated into the mix.

Mold construction came next and the team explained how this was done.  Then, they elaborated on canoe construction.  They explained how they did their 4 layer lay-up and elaborated on the methods used to cure and finish their boat.  The team mentioned how little time it took to place their canoe.  Then the team highlighted the main features and specifications for their entry.

Questions and Comments: 

  • How did you evaluate the air content of your concrete?
  • Can you explain why you have an increase in air content without a change in yield?
  • Are the admixtures and additives used in your mix chemically compatible?
  • How did you select the load factor used to model your paddlers?
  • What would be the significance of choosing this load factor in the building design process?
  • Can you tell us a little about your parametrical analysis?
  • Could you elaborate on why you didnít vary multiple components in your design?
  • Did you take fiber variance into account during your design?
  • Where did you get the absorption figures for the materials used in your mix?   


Canoe Name: The Scowl 
Length: 22.583 ft
Weight: 180 lb
Color: rustic orange

Vital Statistics

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