"University of Nevada - Reno"
(6th place overall; 4th in paper; 1st in presentation; 19th in product)

Spirit of Competition Award


Reno relied on 2 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 1 screen and presented their effort from a business standpoint.

After team introductions, the team outlined their presentation.  They began by elaborating on the attributes of their hull.  The team explained the advantages of their asymmetrical design and hard chines. 

Reno performed an Excel based analysis to evaluate different loading conditions.  The team found that the critical load occurred when the canoe was supported under its own weight.

Mix design came next and the team outlined the required parameters.  They explained how they tested their mix to achieve the desired characteristics.

After giving the specification for air content and strength, they showed a pie chart that nicely demonstrated their mix proportions.  They went on to describe their reinforcement and elaborated on the testing methods used to determine its properties.

Construction came next.  The team explained how they constructed their mold using a hot wire.  The methods used to construct the canoe were described and they ended the show with a fast forward animation showing the construction process.

 Questions and Comments: 

  • Why didn’t you consider the 3-person load configuration during your analysis?
  • Why did you feel that you needed more cement with spherical aggregate?
  • What do you mean by “harsh” concrete?
  • How many different canoe designs did you evaluate using your turning moment analysis?
  • Did you perform any tests on your completed canoe to see how accurate the method was?
  • The judges didn’t ask any questions on the mix design table because it was flawless… and the audience showed their appreciation through their applause.
  • The judges asked the team why they made some assumptions in their analysis.
  • Was the construction of a practice canoe helpful to your stint?
  • Is your slump cone sufficient to give you an accuracy of 0.125 in?


Canoe Name: Euphoria  
Length: 21.917 ft
Weight:217 lb
Color: burgundy and natural concrete

Vital Statistics (debut)

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