"Fairmont State University"
(17th place overall; 17th in paper; 23rd in presentation; 20th in product)


Fairmont relied on 5 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 2 screens and presented their effort from a business standpoint.

The team explained what you “gotta have” to win this competition.  The team began by introducing themselves.  After they outlined their operational breakdown structure and management techniques, the team explained how they established their schedule.

Hull design came next and the team explained how they arrived at their design.  They outlined the salient features of the design and highlighted their boat’s arrtibutes.

After explaining how they conducted their analysis, the team outlined how they proceeded with mix design.

They explained how aesthetics were incorporated into their design and they gave details of the mix proportions.  The team outlined their test program and specified the major results obtained. 

Construction came next.  The team described how the technique was broken down into four phases and they elaborated on each phase.  They explained how they incorporated inlays into the design and specified the attributes of their entry.

 Questions and Comments: 

  • What are the advantages of using a viscosity-modified admixture in a relatively stiff mix?
  • Could you elaborate on the method used to perform your slump test?
  • Did you run your density and strength tests at the same time that you measured slump?
  • Did you have any problems in transferring technology between your teams?
  • How is it possible to have free moisture in your mix design table when you apply the method cited there?
  • How do you account for the differences found in gravimetric air content and what percent air do you think there is in your mix?
  • How did you get such a small air content when you incorporated three times the recommended dosage recommended by the manufacturer for your air entrainment admixture?


Canoe Name: Gotta Have It  
Length: 21.167 ft
Weight: 170 lb
Color: faded white to black

Vital Statistics

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