"California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo"
(2nd place overall; 7th in paper; 6th in presentation; 1st in product)


Cal Poly relied on 2 people to deliver their presentation.  They used 1 screen and presented their effort from a business standpoint.

After a brief introduction, the team outlined their presentation.  They began with project management and explained their organizational breakdown structure.  The team showed their budget on a pie chart.

Then the team explained the changes made to their hull and elaborated on the analytical methods used to establish the design loads.  They showed test results and explained how they arrived at them.

The team described the reinforcement schemes considered and provided the specifications considered prior to selection. 

Mix design came next.  The team explained the constituents of their mix and gave figures for its air content.  They explained how quality control methods were used to get the desired results and explained how they used ASTM standards to test their design.

The team highlighted the construction methods used to build their form and canoe.  They elaborated on the methods employed to place their reinforcement and concrete.

After outlining the curing techniques and finishing methods, the team summarized their stint.

 Questions and Comments: 

  • Why did you select a white cement to resist micro-cracks?
  • You specified a time delay associated with your cement b ut what was this relative to?
  • Did the constituents in your mix interact detrimentally?
  • How were you able to achieve the desired air content?
  • What were your test methods?
  • What safety practices did you employ?
  • How did you arrive at a negative air content in your mix table?
  • Where did you get the specific gravities listed in your mix design table?
  • The judges cited a sentence and asked how many capital letters were in it.
  • What would be the height of your letters be if you were asked to keep the size between 3 and 4 inches?   


Name: Katana
Length: 21.25 ft
Weight: 250 lb
Color: white

Vital Statistics

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