2004 National Concrete Canoe Competition"
June 17th -20th, 2004
Washington, DC

The 2004 ASCE/MBT National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) took place June 17th - 20th in Washington, DC.

Races (25% of score) were held on Lake Fairfax in Reston, Virginia.

Design reports (25% of score) were due and evaluated prior to the competition.

Oral presentations (25% of score) were delivered at the National Building Museum Auditorium in Washington, DC.
ConcreteCanoe.org representative, John Gilbert, attended them all and documented questions posed to the teams by the judges (see below).  

The final products (25% of score) were displayed in the Great Hall of the National Building Museum.  Photographs of the canoes were purposefully taken with as little clutter (participants, spectators, etc.) as possible to show exactly what each school had to offer.

We appreciate the cooperation and efforts made by the participants during the competition that made this massive undertaking possible.  Thanks are extended to Disk Doctors in Atlanta, Georgia for recovering the data and photos lost after our hard disk crashed as a result of going through the airport security check.


Predictions for 2004 are found in "The Front Line - 2004"... including a follow-up written after the fact.

Spreadsheets for all NCCC competitions, as well as statistics for schools that competed since year 2000, can be found in "For the Record."  Links to all of these competitors and more are included in "Concrete Canoe Web Sites."

If any of the information posted there or here is incorrect, or you would like to add or modify something, please contact Dr. John Gilbert.

1. University of Wisconsin-Madison (3rd in paper; 2nd in presentation; 2nd in product)
2. Université Laval (14th in paper; 4th in presentation; 1st in product)
3. University of Alabama in Huntsville (1st in paper; 6th in presentation; 3rd in product)
4. Clemson University (5th in paper; 5th in presentation; 8th in product)
5. Milwaukee School of Engineering (2nd in paper; 1st in presentation; 16th in product)
6. Texas A&M University (9th in paper; 3rd in presentation; 9th in product)
7. Oklahoma State University (8th in paper; 12th in presentation; 4th in product)
8. Drexel University (4th in paper; 19th in presentation; 6th in product)
9. Michigan Tech University (6th in paper; 8th in presentation; 10th in product)
10. New Mexico State University (7th in paper; 20th in presentation; 7th in product)
11. University of Minnesota (12th in paper; 16th in presentation; 5th in product)
12. North Carolina State University (15th in paper; 17th in presentation; 12th in product)
13. Western Kentucky University (18th in paper; 13th in presentation; 11th in product)
14. California State Polytechnic University Pomona (10th in paper; 7th in presentation; 21st in product)
15. Polytechnic University (21st in paper; 9th in presentation; 22nd in product)
16. California State University Sacramento (11th in paper; 10th in presentation; 17th in product)
17. University of Oklahoma (13th in paper; 11th in presentation; 18th in product)
18. Fairmount State College (16th in paper; 22nd in presentation; 13th in product)
18. Montana State University (17th in paper; 14th in presentation; 15th in product)
18. Rochester Institute of Technology (22nd in paper; 15th in presentation; 19th in product)
18. University of Massachusetts Amherst (19th in paper; 18th in presentation; 20th in product)
18. Villanova University (20th in paper; 21st in presentation; 14th in product)

"Celebrating Concrete," National Building Museum Press Release, June 11, 2004 - "An event that challenges students from top civil engineering schools to make the impossible a reality."

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat!," ASCE/MBT Press Release, June 8, 2004 - "Daring to overcome impossible challenges, like building a canoe out of concrete, requires the kind of bold and innovative solutions necessary to keep up with the world's infrastructure needs."

Eighteen regional concrete canoe competitions took take place through early May.  The first place overall winner of each regional event qualified to participate at the national level.  In addition, if the first place regional winner finished in the top five overall in the 2003 NCCC, the second place team was also invited to compete at nationals.  Twenty-two teams competed in 2004.

"Badgers defense of their championship is Rock Solid" - June 20, 2004, ASCE/MBT Press Release... "Their work, during the competition and in the future, will have a tremendous impact on the building industry."

Did you know that the four national title holders and top finishers at the 2004 NCCC actively support ConcreteCanoe.org?  Between them, they have appeared 43 times at the national level in the U.S. competition.  They have a combined total of 17 national titles to their credit (10 U.S. and 7 Canadian).


The University of Wisconsin - Madison placed consistently high in all events... successfully defending their national title with a "Rock Solid" performance.

Seven-time Canadian national champion, Laval, won the best product category and placed second overall... combining a cool boat and a hot team with "Iceberg."

"ConQuest" propelled five-time national champion, Team UAH, to a win in the design paper category and a third place finish overall.

Three-time national champion, 3CT, scored the most points in the water... sailing into fourth place overall with "Cast Away."

MSOE navigated by the rest of the fleet to an impressive fifth place finish... winning the oral presentation category with a stellar performance on the "S.S. Milwaukee."

Clemson's 3CT will host the 2005 NCCC next June!