2002 National Concrete Canoe Competition"
Madison, Wisconsin

The presentations, displays, and boats showcased at the 2002 ASCE/MBT National Concrete Canoe Competition were unparalleled in the history of the competition and we photographed each and every one of them...  Well, almost all of them.  We forgot to take a photograph during the presentation made by Virginia Tech but we have asked them to send us one.

The display and boat photographs were purposefully taken with as little clutter (participants, spectators, etc.) as possible to show exactly what each school had to offer.  We appreciate the cooperation and efforts made by the participants during the competition to make this massive undertaking possible.

We have included vital stats and supplementary information about every school that participated in the 2002 competition.  Schools are listed in descending order of finish and spreadsheets for the academic portion of the competition follow the listing.

Clemson's 3CT won overall; Western Kentucky University scored the most design points (presentation points + product points + display points + design paper); and, Universite Laval was the only school to finish top five in every category (presentation, product, display, design paper, and races).

Additional statistics for all NCCC competitions, as well as schools that competed since year 2000, can be found in "For the Record."  You may also enjoy seeing our exclusive section describing the 2002 ASCE/MBT NCCC Racing Awards and reading Dr. Gilbert's 2002 NCCC Commentary.

If any of the information is incorrect or you would like to add or modify something, please contact Dr. John Gilbert.  Thanks!

 1. Clemson University (2nd in paper; 1st in presentation; 6th in product; 4th in display)
 2. Universite Laval (5th in paper; 3rd in presentation; 4th in product; 5th in display)
 3. Oklahoma State University (8th in paper; 7th in presentation; 3rd in product; 2nd in display)
 4. Western Kentucky University (7th in paper; 2nd in presentation; 2nd in product; 1st in display)
 5. University of Wisconsin - Madison (3rd in paper; 4th in presentation; 10th in product; 7th in display)
 6. University of Florida (11th in paper; 11th in presentation; 5th in product; 6th in display)
 7. South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (6th in paper; 12th in presentation; 1st in product; 11th in display)
 8. University of Oklahoma (4th in paper; 22nd in presentation; 7th in product; 8th in display)
 9. University of California - Berkeley (1st in paper; 10th in presentation; 23rd in product; 12th in display)
10. North Carolina State University (18th in paper; 11th in presentation; 11th in product; 3rd in display)
11. California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo (13th in paper; 8th in presentation; 12th in product; 16th in display)
12. Michigan State University (10th in paper; 18th in presentation; 17th in product; 9th in display)
13. Drexel University (9th in paper; 15th in presentation; 15th in product; 10th in display)
14. University of Washington (21st in paper; 25th in presentation; 8th in product; 14th in display)
15. Texas A&M University (20th in paper; 5th in presentation; 19th in product; 18th in display)
16. Colorado State University (19th in paper; 6th in presentation; 16th in product; 17th in display)
17. University of New Orleans (14th in paper; 14th in presentation; 13th in product; 15th in display)
18. Iowa State University (17th in paper; 16th in presentation; 9th in product; 19th in display)
19. San Diego State University (12th in paper; 20th in presentation; 14th in product; 23rd in display)
20. University of Rhode Island (22nd in paper; 19th in presentation; 18th in product; 25th in display)
21. Rochester Institute of Technology (25th in paper; 17th in presentation; tie for 20th in product; 20th in display)
22. Virginia Tech (24th in paper; 21st in presentation; 21st in product; tie for 20th in display)
23. University of Texas at El Paso (16th in paper; 23rd in presentation; 24th in product; 22nd in display)
24. Rowan University (15th in paper; 24th in presentation; 22nd in product; 24th in display)
25. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (23rd in paper; 13th in presentation; 25th in product; 13th in display)

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