The College of Science (COS) at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) believes that affordable learning materials are essential to faculty and students. The Affordable Science initiative was created as a direct response to the increasing costs of textbooks in higher education. Affordable Science recognizes faculty who are actively working to lower the cost of course materials.

Faculty whose course materials cost $10 or less per course credit hour are eligible to add the Affordable Science badge to their syllabus, display in their Canvas course site, or anywhere they’d like.

This initiative comes directly on the heels of streamlining each College of Science degree. Consistent with other comparable, academically-rigorous degrees around the country, all COS degrees now require 120 credit hours, down from 128 hours previously. During this time, all twenty-two major and concentration options were also thoughtfully reviewed. Each degree option boasts a thorough curriculum of study while also allowing for greater degree flexibility for every type of student. 

COS is proud to celebrate the following courses that meet the Affordable Science criteria:

 Course NumberCourse NameTotal Required Material Cost
AES 103 Environmental Earth Science FREE
AES 104 Weather & Climate Change FREE
AST 106L Astronomy Laboratory FREE
BYS 119 - Dr. Baudry Principles of Biology FREE
BYS 205 Coding Algorithms for Biology FREE
BYS 490 Senior Capstone FREE
CH 421 / 521 Instrumental Analysis FREE
CH 440 / 540 Polymer Synthesis FREE
CH 633 Structre Determination FREE
CS 640 Machine Learning FREE
CS 617 Design & Analysis of Algorithms FREE
MA 105 Nature of Mathematics FREE
MA 115 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry FREE
MA 120 - online asynchronous Math Professional Applications FREE
MA 244 Linear Algebra $30
MA 301 Intro to Elementary Number Theory $15
PH 110 Frontiers in Science FREE
PH 114 General Physics Lab I  FREE
PH 115 General Physics Lab II FREE 
PH 116 General Physics Lab III FREE
PH 306 Applied Physics FREE
PH 310 Intermediate Lab I FREE
PH 601 Classical Dynamics I $19
PH 607 Mathematical Methods I $22
PH 732 Electromagnetic Theory II $22
PH 792 Physics Seminar FREE
SPA 582 Science Career Prep FREE
SPA 630 Waves in Fluids FREE