UAH is a research powerhouse: 

  • Barron's Profiles in American Colleges list UAH as very competitive, the only public university in Alabama to earn this designation.

  • Research expenditures in 2011 totaled $85 million and is expected to reach $93 million during 2012. In 2009, the university received its largest grant in history -- $78 million over five years. Research is conducted within the individual colleges or through 15 independent research centers, laboratories, and institutes.

These strengths in research translate to Research Assistantship and internship opportunities for students.  More importantly, our faculty bring leading-edge research to the class room, providing our students with a unique and competitive advantage. Our students write peer-reviewed publications with faculty members and travel to national and international conferences to present their work.

Research is interdisciplinary and discipline-specific in nature. Students do research in biology and chemistry labs; work in computer labs and research centers; engage in field research locally, nationally, and internationally; design and work with advanced instruments; and conduct individual and group projects that prepare them for the future.

swirll arialview

(pictured above) Severe Weather Institute and Radar & Lightning Laboratories,
a state of the art new facility at UAH.

Some of the research thematic areas for our departments are listed below.


Atmospheric Science

Severe Weather • Modeling/Data Assimilation • Satellite Remote Sensing and Climate • GIS and Remote Sensing

Biological Sciences

Genetics and Genomics • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry • Ecology • Microbiology • Biotechnology • Marine Biology


Biochemistry • Chemical Physics • Biophysics and Structural Biology • Polymers • Surface Chemistry • Natural Products

Computer Science

Cybersecurity • Modeling and Simulation • High-Performance Computing and Networking • Visualization and Graphics • Data Mining

Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Modeling • Dynamical Systems • Differential Equations • Graph Theory • Stochastic Processes • Numerical Analysis


Astrophysics • Theoretical Physics • Optics • Engineering Physics • Biophysics • Applied Physics

Space Science

Space Physics • Solar Physics • Computational Physics • Plasma Physics • Gamma-Ray Physics • Physics of the Interstellar Medium