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Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry.

As the video game industry continues to grow, so has the demand for game programmers at all levels. Game development is not limited to traditional game console and PC software:  serious/educational games, mobile computing, and simulations– for government, schools, & non-game industry corporations–offer new opportunities for growth.

With the Entertaiment Computing concentration offered by Department of Computer Science, students apply their computing/software engineering skills & knowledge to the production of digital media for entertainment, education, and other interactive applications. The Entertainment Computing concentration emphasizes game programming.  In addition, students are exposed to the contents on game design, graphics & animation programming, gameplay, mobile, physics, audio, user interfaces, engines & systems, and more. This concentration also develops students' problem-solving skills, communication skills,  and creative & critical thinking.

Computer Science Degree w/ concentration in Entertainment Computing

The UAH Department of Computer Science

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