The Undergraduate (B.S.) Program

To apply for UAH undergraduate admission, simply click on the yellow Apply button in the right panel and you're on your way to becoming a physics major!

The Graduate (M.S. & Ph.D.) Programs

To apply to our graduate programs and for an assistantship (if desired), follow the steps below.

Apply for Graduate Admission

You can apply online for admission to the Graduate School.

All students will be admitted into our M.S. program. If you intend to pursue a Ph.D., this policy will make it easier to obtain an M.S degree en route and your status will be changed to the Ph.D. program at a later date.

Apply for an Assistantship 

The department offers both teaching and research assistantships as a means of funding your graduate education and broadening your professional development. Assistantships cover graduate tuition and provide a stipend. Typically, new students will be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. However, depending on your qualifications or prior arrangement with a faculty member, you may be offered a Graduate Research Assistantship.

New assistantships typically begin in the fall semester only. 

If you are applying for an assistantship, submit

  1. Your Graduate Admission material per Step 1.
  2. Two recommendations
  3. The Application for a Graduate Assistantship.

by the

24 January 2020 deadline

for fall semester 2020 admission.

The recommendations and assistantship application should be emailed directly to the department.

The Graduate School has a general assistantship application, but this is replaced in our department by the two recommendations and our assistantship application.

Late applications will be accepted but will not receive highest priority.