Brett Skinner

  • PhD, 2018
  • Some problems in Coloring of Graphs
  • Advisor: Guo-Hui Zhang

Michael Smith

  • MS, 2018
  • An Exegesis of Direct Sparse Matrix Problems and Their Applications to Pentadiagonal Matrices
  • Advisor: S. S. Ravidran

Jonathan Sewell

  • PhD, 2017
  • Vertex-Based Distinguishing Collections
  • Advisor: Peter Slater

Yang Yi

  • PhD, 2017
  • Discrete-time structured models and their dynamics for interactive wild and sterile mosquitoes and malaria treatments
  • Advisor: Jia Li

Pamela Marples

  • PhD, 2016
  • Graph Sharing Parameters
  • Advisor: Peter Slater

Yunzhu He

  • PhD, 2015
  • Wavelets Estimators in Nonparametric Regression Model and Simulation Study
  • Advisor: Dongsheng Wu

Reem Albashaireh

  • PhD, 2014
  • Traveling Wave Solutions of a Chemotaxis Model: Existence and Stability
  • Advisor: Shangbing Ai

Junliang Lu

  • PhD, 2012
  • Continuous - and discrete-time structured malaria models and their dynamics
  • Advisor: Jia Li

Siroj Kansakar

  • PhD, 2012
  • Global stability and traveling wave solutions of epidemiological models
  • Advisor: Wenzhang Huang

Tobin Jackson

  • PhD, 2011
  • Convergence Analysis of Fully Discrete Finite Element Approximations For Unsteday Doubly Diffusive Convection Model
  • Advisor: S.S. Ravindran

F. Allen O'Neal

  • PhD, 2011
  • Sum Parameters on Graphs
  • Advisor: Peter Slater 

Yinshu Wu

  • PhD, 2011
  • Traveling wave fronts for a diffusive competition model with time delay
  • Advisor: Wenzhang Huang

Mathew Puckett

  • PhD, 2009
  • Minimum wave speed and uniqueness of monotone mono-stable traveling waves
  • Advisor: Wenzhang Huang

Miranda Roden

  • PhD, 2009
  • Liar's Domination and the Domination Continuum
  • Advisor: Peter Slater

Anne Sinko

Anthony Hester

Dawn Duehring

Anthony Hester

  • MA, 2005
  • The Pettis Integral with Applications to  Ordinary  Differential Equations and Fixed Point Theory
  • Advisor: Claudio Morales

Yan Wang

  • PhD, 2005
  • Acquisition Numbers and Competition-acquisition Numbers
  • Advisor: Peter Slater

Thomas Park

James Phillips

Blaine Hollingsworth

  • MA, 2001
  • Degree Theory and the Measure of  Noncompactness
  • Advisor: Claudio Morales

Eric Trees

Katherine Porter

Belinda Wendt

Douglas Lampert

Donald Harrison

Irfan Ul-haq

Roger Youree

Xingzhong Shi

Christian Smart

Jonathan Lohr

Leigh Lunsford

Ginger Rowell

Marcus Pendergrass

David England

Terri Johnson

Anand Monteiro

Ricky Hawkins

Marcus Pendergrass

  • MA, 1991
  • The Saddle-node Property, with Applications to System  from  Population Biology
  • Advisor: Claudio Morales

Jang-Tai Lin

Arjuna Ranasinghe

Dana Grinstead

David England

Timothy Brown

  • MA 1987
  • Solvability of Nonlinear Functional   Equations of  the form  Tx = 0  for Demicontinuous Operators
  • Advisor: Claudio Morales

Philip Burton

Jianchao Zhu

Richard Willey

Linda Slone

  • MA, 1975
  • Conjugate normal Matrices
  • Advisor: Peter Gibson

Robert Alford

David Marshall

Thomas Beasley