Are you curious? Do you aspire to be a problem solver? If so, join The Math Club! We’re an open student group, accepting undergraduate and graduate students of all majors. The Math Club seeks to celebrate mathematics through projects and community outreach.

Overall, the goal is to celebrate the interests of various mathematical concepts. The Math Club explores mathematics through guest lecture, conference, and competition opportunities. Then, building a foundation of understanding, members visit local schools to demonstrate uses for math and to host high school tournaments.

The Math Club is looking forward to an exciting 2018-2019 academic year!

Meetings are every Friday at 12:30 PM held at building SST room 219 unless notified.

The Secret Meals For Hungry Children Program

The Secret Meals For Hungry Children Program sponsored by the Alabama Credit Union is the club’s philanthropic project 15 years running. The Secret Meals feeds well over 1,100 disadvantaged school children. 100% of each donation goes entirely to the purchase of Secret Meals food packs, so every dollar of support makes a difference. A donation of $140 will feed one child weekly for an entire school year. Last year, the Math Club raised enough funds to support a child for an entire year. The Math Club again will be diligent with this year’s fundraising efforts.

Contact Us

For more information about the Math Club, please email

Or contact the Math Department at 256.824.6470.