Computer Science Department

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provides students with a strong computing background that provides the basis for students to work in a wide variety of computing careers including software application developer/software engineer, cybersecurity analyst, cloud computing, web developer, data science, entertainment computing and gaming, network administrator, database administrator, systems analyst—the list of potential computing careers is immense.  An extensive set of elective courses, including various courses in web development, cybersecurity, data science, cloud computing, mobile app development, multimedia, database systems, computer graphics, are available to prepare students for the different careers.  Many CS electives include cybersecurity as an intrinsic part of the course (for example, cloud computing includes cloud security). A concentration in entertainment computing and gaming is also available. This concentration is part of a standard BS in CS degree, handled through the selection of particular elective courses.

For undergraduates, the Computer Science department offers:


B.S. in Computer ScienceB.S. in Computer Science with Entertainment Computing Concentration
B.S. in Computer Science with Data Science ConcentrationB.S. in Computer Science with Web Programming Concentration


The Computer Science department also offers the following Minors:


Computer Science Computer Languages & Systems Entertainment Computing


Admission to Computer Science

Students seeking admission to undergraduate Computer Science programs must first apply through the undergraduate Admissions Office. You may apply for financial aid at the Office of Financial Aid.

General information about the Bachelor of Science degree can be found in the B.S. overview.

You should take a look at the overall course requirements for the B.S. in Computer Science to see which choices best fit your interests.