Selected Publications

Department faculty are in bold.

Ritesh Pradhan, Ramazan S. Aygün, Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran, Daniel J. Cecil: Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network. IEEE Trans. Image Processing 27(2): 692-702 (2018)

Semih Dinç, Farbod Fahimi, Ramazan Savas Aygün: Mirage: an O(n) time analytical solution to 3D camera pose estimation with multi-camera support. Robotica 35(12): 2278-2296 (2017)

Haeyong Chung, Chris North: SAViL: cross-display visual links for sensemaking in display ecologies. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. 2017. 

Haeyong Chung, Sai Prashanth Dasari, Santhosh Nandhakumar, Christopher Andrews: CRICTO: Supporting Sensemaking through Crowdsourced Information Schematization. IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), 2017.

Bingyang Wei, Harry S. Delugach, Eduardo Colmenares, Catherine Stringfellow:A Conceptual Graphs Framework for Teaching UML Model-Based Requirements Acquisition.CSEE&T 2016: 71-75

Bingyang Wei, Harry S. Delugach: Transforming UML Models to and from Conceptual Graphs to Identify Missing Requirements. ICCS 2016: 72-79

 Zhiqiang (John) Wu, Sampson Gholston, and Letha H. Etzkorn: An Approach to Finding Good Anchor Nodes in Ontologies. International Journal of Computers and Applications, 2017.

Joshua Jones, Letha H. Etzkorn: Analysis of Digital Forensics Live System Acquisition Methods to Achieve Optimal Evidence Preservation. IEEE SoutheastCon 2016: 1-6.

Sara J. Graves, U. Nair, S. Ebersole, K. Keiser, M. McEniry, JM Beck: Data Preparedness for Disasters, Hazards and Other Events . ESIP Winter Meeting. 2017 

Sara J. Graves: ECITE: A Testbed for Assessment of Technology Interoperability and Integration with Architecture Components . American Geophysical Union 2016 Fall Meeting. 2016

Raed Shatnawi, Wei Li: An Empirical Investigation of Predicting Fault Count, Fix Cost and Effort using Software Metrics. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 2016.

Pitamber Tiwari, Wei Li, Raouf Alomainy, and Bingyang Wei: An Empirical Study of Different Types of Changes in the Eclipse Project. The Open Software Engineering Journal. 2013: 24-37.

Vineetha Menon, Qian Du, James E. Fowler:Random Hadamard Projections for Hyperspectral Unmixing. IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett. 14(3): 419-423 (2017)

Vineetha Menon, Qian Du, James E. Fowler: Fast SVD With Random Hadamard Projection for Hyperspectral Dimensionality Reduction.IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett. 13(9): 1275-1279 (2016)

Debashri Roy, Tathagata Mukherjee, Mainak Chatterjee, Eduardo Pasiliao Jr. “Adaptive Video Encoding and Channel Selection for Video Streaming over SDRs” Accepted IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference 2018 (Selected for Best paper Award)

Tathagata Mukherjee, Andreas Adolfson, Piyush Kumar, Eduardo Pasiliao, “Hierarchical Learning For FM Radio Based Aerial Localization Using RSSI.” 2017 In Proceedings of GNU Radio Conference, Volume 2

Sussan Einakian, Timothy S. Newman: Examining Classic Color Harmony Versus Translucency Color Guidelines for Layered Surface Visualization. ISVC (1) 2015: 318-327

Manil Maskey, Timothy S. Newman: A Measure of Texture Directionality. VISAPP (2) 2015: 432-438

Chao Peng, Lizhou Cao, Sabin Timalsena: Gamification of Apollo lunar exploration missions for learning engagement. Entertainment Computing 19: 53-64 (2017)

Andrew J. Collins, Mikel D. Petty, Daniele Vernon-Bido, Solomon J. Sherfey: A Call to Arms: Standards for Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation. J. Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 18(3) (2015)

Salvador E. Barbosa, Mikel D. Petty: Exploiting spatio-temporal patterns using partial-state reinforcement learning in a synthetically augmented environment. Progress in AI 3(2): 55-71 (2015)

Harry S. Delugach, Daniel M. Rochowiak: Grounded conceptual graph models. Conceptual Structures: Knowledge Visualization and Reasoning, Proc. 16th Intl. Conf. on Conceptual Structures, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5113. 2008: 269-281.

Daniel M. Rochowiak: Modeling behavior and action: simulating choice and repertoire, Huntsville Simulation Conference. 2003.

Huaming Zhang, Xiang-Zhi Kong:  On k-greedy routing algorithms. Comput. Geom. 52: 9-17 (2016)

Youhuan Li, Lei Zou, Huaming Zhang, Dongyan Zhao:Computing Longest Increasing Subsequences over Sequential Data Streams. PVLDB 10(3): 181-192 (2016)

Sandra Carpenter, Feng Zhu, Mini Zeng, Michael Shreeves: Expert Sources in Warnings May Reduce the Extent of Identity Disclosure in Cyber Contexts.Int. J. Hum. Comput. Interaction 33(3): 215-228 (2017)

Feng Zhu, Sandra Carpenter, Ajinkya Kulkarni: Understanding identity exposure in pervasive computing environments. Pervasive and Mobile Computing 8(5): 777-794 (2012)