Graduate Admissions to Computer Science

General requirements

Prospective students should apply well in advance (at least eight weeks for US residents and six months for international students) of the date of proposed entrance.

All applicants for graduate programs in Computer Science must apply through the Graduate School. Visit the Graduate School for more information. All applicants are also subject to the additional requirements below.

Additional Computer Science Department Requirements

Requirements for admission to the computer science graduate degree program are in addition to those of Graduate School. Scores from the GRE basic test are required for admission to the program. Transcripts will be reviewed and deficiencies in your computer science background may result in the need to take one or more broadening courses. The MAT or GMAT is not an acceptable substitute for the GRE.

Breadth Requirements

Applicants to graduate programs in computer science must satisfy the following breadth requirements before admission to the program.

MA 171 Calculus A (4 hrs.)
MA 172 Calculus B (4 hrs.)
MA 244 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MA 385 Introduction to Probability

Computer Science:
CS I, CS II, CS III An Introductory sequence covering Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures in C/C++/Java
CS 214 Introduction to Discrete Structures
CS 317 Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 490 Introduction to Operating Systems
CS 513 Introduction to Computer Architecture (or CS 309 and 413)

The breadth requirements can be satisfied in one of the following ways:
1. Completion of the course at UAH with a grade of B or better;
2. Completion of an equivalent course at another institution with a grade of B or better;
3. Testing out of the course, where permitted by departmental policy.

Consult a departmental advisor for additional information