For students who want to broaden their knowledge in an area, but do not necessarily desire to pursue a graduate degree, certificate programs are also offered in:
  • modeling and simulation

  • software engineering

  • there is also an interdisciplinary certificate program in cybersecurity (contact the department for further details

Software Engineering Certificate

The certificate requires 18 graduate semester hours of coursework.

Required for all Students:

CS 650  The Software Engineering Process

Five additional courses, selected from:

At least two additional Software Engineering courses, selected from:

  • CS 553  Client/Server Architectures
  • CS 652   Object-oriented Design
  • CS 656   Object-oriented Testing
  • CS 655   Formal Methods in Software Engineering

At most 3 courses selected from the following three options:

Statistics Option:

  • ISE 690  Statistical Methods for Engineers

Management Option, select one of either:

  • MGT 601  Introduction to Technology Development
  • MGT 622  Management of Technical Professionals

Cybersecurity Option:

  • CS 585     Introduction to Computer Security

Modeling and Simulation Certificate

The certificate requires 15 graduate semester hours of coursework.

Required for all students:  

  • CS 581  Modeling and Simulation I
  • CS 582  Modeling and Simulation II

Select two courses from one of the following groups:  

Object-Oriented Programming and Software Engineering:            

  • MOD 501  Survey of Modeling and Simulation
  • CS     650   The Software Engineering Process     


  • CS 545   Introduction to Computer Graphics  
  • CS 546   Advanced Computer Graphics         
  • CS 548    Human-Computer Interaction         
  • CS 646    Computer Geometry Modeling    

Information Systems:    

  • CS 530    Expert Systems/Heuristic Programming
  • CS 553    Client/Server Architectures         
  • CS 630     Artificial Intelligence I    
  • CS 670     Computer Networks
  • CS 687      Data Base Systems

Additional Course           

Select one additional course from those listed above, or an approved domain course