Degree Requirements and Restrictions (Master of Science in Computer Science)


A  Data Science Concentration is available


The Master of Science degree is conferred under Plan I or Plan II.

Plan I.

A minimum of 24 semester hours of coursework and the writing of an acceptable thesis is required. At least six hours of thesis credit (CS 699) must be earned. A student must present his/her thesis and pass an oral examination based on the thesis and related coursework. Plan I students must register for CS 699 each term they receive supervision from their advisor.

Plan II.

A minimum of 33 semester hours of coursework is required. 

The following requirements and restriction apply to a student in either plan.

Course Requirements
All M.S. students must take three core courses from the options below:

  • CS 617 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • One of either:
    • CS 613 Computer Architecture
    • CS 690 Advanced Operating Systems
  • One of either:
    • CS 650 The Software Engineering Process
    • CS 687 Database Systems

If a student has not had an undergraduate course in programming languages, CS 524 must be included in the program of study. No more than 50% of the hours in the program of study may be 500-level courses. No more than three semester hours of selected topics or independent study courses may be included in a program of study. Exceptions must be recommended by the student's advisor and approved by the department chair.