Students in a lab coat standing in a lab.

Our undergraduates follow curricula structured by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and designed to meet the needs and requirements of both industry and academia. Undergraduates have opportunities to conduct research, from Freshmen to Graduation. Complete our Undergraduate Research form if interested.


Students are strongly encouraged to seek advice from their Advisor in selecting their concentrations and designing their programs.

Chemistry, BS - Biochemistry Concentration

Students can specialize in the chemical and physiochemical processes and substances occurring within living organisms. Undergraduates also have the opportunity to obtain a double major in Chemistry and Biology with this concentration, a powerful combination! Speak to an advisor to see how.

Chemistry, BS - Pure Chemistry Concentration

Pure chemistry is defined as the consideration of the facts and theories of chemistry in their purely scientific relations, without necessary reference to their practical applications or mere utility. However, pure and applied chemistry are branches of the same tree.

Chemistry, BS - Chemical Physics Concentration

For students excited by a mathematics, chemical physics is found as a subdiscipline of both chemistry and physics, it investigates physicochemical phenomena using techniques from atomic and molecular physics and condensed matter physics.

Chemistry, BS - Chemical Education Concentration

Education is one of the noblest professions with the opportunity to seek the future and mold the next generation. Chemical education studies the teaching and learning of chemistry.

Chemistry, BS - Environmental Chemistry Concentration

Environmental chemistry focuses on the study of various chemical and biochemical processes occurring in the environment. It studies the sources, reactions, transport, effects, and fates of chemical species in the air, soil, and water environments; and the effect of human activity on these.

Chemistry, BS - Chemical Business Concentration

The business of Chemistry is an $800 Billion enterprise. This concentration combines a Chemistry degree with business skills, and prepares a student for a career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemistry, BS - Basic Chemistry Concentration

Less detailed than Pure chemistry, this concentration provides a Major for those wishing greater flexibility in their studies.