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At UAH Chemistry we believe that happiness breeds success.

The Chemistry Student Committee (CSC) represents all our students. It acts on student’s behalf to raise issues with Faculty, support learning and generally ensure your time at UAH is a great one!

Chemistry students have access to their own Hangout Space equipped with chairs, Sofas and bean bags as well as a large screen TV, fridge and microwave.

Student Spotlight

Emily Grumbles

President, CSC

Hello! My name is Emily Grumbles, president of the Chemistry Student Committee (CSC) at UAH. I am a senior in the chemistry department majoring in Pure Chemistry with a minor in Technical Writing. When I am not attending classes and to the CSC, I work part time for a local chemical company, Daikin America. With my knowledge UAH has given me in chemistry and my industry experience, my goals for the CSC are to help bring chemistry students together, prepare them for life and jobs after graduation, and help bridge the gap between faculty and students. I hope the CSC finds you well and we are always here to help you with all of your chemistry needs!