Core/Required Courses

CHE 560 Introduction to Bioprocess Engineering (3 hrs)

Application of engineering principles to the analysis of and development and design of processes using biological catalysts including enzymes, plant and animal cells and genetically engineered cells. Other topics will include fermentation and biological mass transport processes. Prerequisites: Undergraduate biochemistry.

CHE 561 Bioseparations, Recombinant Techniques & Protein Engineering (3 hrs)

General characteristics of separation processes used in the biotechnology industry including removal of insolubles, isolation and purification of thermally sensitive products and preparation of products for final use by the customer. Application of unit operation principles for biological separations, recombinant DNA techniques, protein engineering. Prerequisite: CHE 560.

CH 561/BYS 547 Biochemistry I (3 hrs)

Structural chemistry and function of biomolecules, mechanisms of biochemical reactions, enzyme kinetics, and energy transfer. Prerequisites: Undergraduate organic chemistry and biochemistry.

CH 562/BYS 548 Biochemistry II (3 hrs)

Biosynthesis of macromolecular precursors, storage, transmission and expression of genetic information, and molecular physiology. Prerequisite: CH 561 or BYS 547.

BYS 519 Gene Structure and Function (3 hrs)

Advanced studies of macromolecular structure and biological function of proteins and nucleic acids involved in the passage of genetic information and cellular response. Structural significance of viruses and molecular evolution are also included. Prerequisites: Undergraduate genetics, cell biology and biochemistry.

BYS 543 Molecular Biology of the Cell (3 hrs)

Cellular structure and function including mitosis, meiosis, cell cycle, and cell signaling. Discussion of biological techniques such as tissue culture, hybridoma, and monoclonal antibody production, gene cloning and recombinant DNA, radiotracer methodology, and specialized microscopy. Prerequisites: Undergraduate cell biology. Undergraduate biochemistry is recommended.

BSE 601 Current Topics in Biotechnology (3 hrs)

Survey of current Biotechnology literature. Students will be required to critically evaluate the assigned literature, develop detailed written summaries and present their critical evaluations to the class and the instructor. Concurrent prerequisites: CHE 560, CH 561/BYS 547.

BSE 702 Laboratory Rotations in Biotechnology (3 hrs)

Acquire a broad background in biotechnology science and engineering through two 6-week rotations in an active research program under the director of faculty mentors. Students will pursue an independent research project and a detailed written report will be required at the end of each of the two 6-week rotations. Prerequisites: BSE 601.

BSE 799 Doctoral Dissertation (3, 6, 9 hrs)

Required each semester student is enrolled and receiving direction on a doctoral dissertation.

Specialized/Track Courses

BSE 620 Introduction to Bioinformatics: Fundamentals and Methodology (3 hrs)

Students will learn how computational and mathematical techniques are being used to understand DNA and protein sequences, how the information from the genome is being used to understand phenomena at a macro-level. Prerequisites: Graduate student admitted to the Ph.D. program in Biotechnology Science and Engineering. Graduate students in other programs may seek permission from the Director of the Biotechnology Science and Engineering Program to take this class. Corequisite: BSE 621.

BSE 621 Introduction to Bioinformatics: Computer Laboratory for Applications (1 hr)

Students will use a variety of computational tools and software for data mining, sequence alignment, phylogenetic analysis, clustering, quantitative metabolic pathways analysis and other topics covered in BSE 620. Prerequisites: Graduate student admitted to the Ph.D. program in Biotechnology Science and Engineering. Graduate students in other programs may seek permission from the Director of the Biotechnology Science and Engineering Program to take this class. Corequisite: BSE 620.

BSE 703 Biotechnology Research (3 hrs)

Advanced research in a specific targeted topic under the direct supervision of a faculty member in collaboration with scientists and researchers at a biotechnology company or business or a research laboratory that has specific relevance to the biotechnology science and engineering program. Completion of this course will require a written report and an oral presentation to the faculty and students in the biotechnology program. Prerequisites: BSE 601, BSE 702, BYS 543, BYS 519, CHE 561. Exceptions to these prerequisites can be made by appeal to the Coordinator of the Biotechnology Program.

BYS 556 Advanced Molecular Techniques (3 hrs)

Laboratory techniques in molecular biology, including methods of recombinant DNA technology for identification, cloning, and characterization of genes. Prerequisites: Undergraduate cell biology and genetics and BYS 519 (may be taken concurrently) or approval of instructor. One 2-hour and one 5-hour lab per week. Lab Fee: $250.

BYS 691 Special Topics in Tissue Culture (3 hrs)

Lecture and laboratory instruction in the preparation and maintenance of eucaryotic cell primary cultures and cell lines. Teaches students the basic techniques for tissue culture - aseptic technique, media preparation, equipment needs. Introduces them to several procedures used for isolating primary cultures from tissue and for culturing cell lines. Covers culture characterization and contamination issues. Prerequisites BYS 543 or BYS 547/CH 561.

BYS 691 Special Topics in Growth Factors and Oncogenes (3 hrs)

Discussion of the cell cycle, the nature of growth factors and their relationship to oncogenes and cancer. This course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the regulation of the cell cycle and cell function by growth factors and the relationship between growth factors, oncogenes and cancer. Textbooks will provide the basic framework for the course, but a large part of the material will come from the latest published research articles. Prerequisites BYS 543 and BYS 547/CH 561.

CH 565 Molecular Biochemistry Laboratory (3 hrs)

Practical experience in isolation, characterization and manipulation of biomolecules. Lab Fee: $60. Prerequisite: CH 562.

CH 661 Biological Macromolecules (3 hrs)

Detailed analysis of structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and complex polysaccharides. Prerequisite: CH 562.

CH 765 Selected Topics in Biochemistry (3 hrs)

Prerequisites: CH 661 and approval of instructor

CHE 559 Special Topics in Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems (3 hrs)

Discussion of biocompatible polymers and their application in drug delivery systems. Polymers of natural and synthetic origin will be studied, special emphasis will be placed upon the synthesis of biocompatible polymers. The formation of polymeric micelles, hydrogels and liposomes will be studied. The process of extravasation as uptake mechanism for polymeric delivery systems will be discussed. Reading material will be based on the latest publications in the field. Prerequisites: CH 540.

CHE 650 Principles of Liquid and Solid Interfaces (3 hrs)

Basic principles in thermodynamics and kinetics applied to characterize surfaces and surface phenomena. Fundamental properties of gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, an solid-gas interfaces and phenomena occurring at these interfaces. Prerequisite: CH 341.

CHE 659 Special Topics: Advanced Enzymology (credit to be arranged)

CHE 747 Advanced Topics in Bioengineering (3 hrs)

Engineering aspects of microbial processes and processing of biological materials. Integrating knowledge of governing biological properties and principles with chemical engineering methodology. Emphasis on current literature in the areas of purification and separation technology, bioprocess development and biomaterials. Prerequisite: B.S. in chemical engineering or permission of instructor.