1) Program of Study. Students must complete a program of study (POS) before the end of the second semester after enrollment. The student must consult their advisor and select appropriate committee members for their work.

2) Seminars. The department has a world-class seminar series every Fall and Spring semester. Students are required to take ATS 780 as part of their program of study for one semester but are highly encouraged to attend seminars even in those semesters that they are not taking ATS 780.

3)Travel. For travel within the United States students should submit travel authorization forms 3 weeks prior to the trip. For international travel, authorization to travel form must be submitted two months before travel date. See forms link and University guidelines for travel. Upon returning from travel provide all receipts with completed expense voucher to the ATS staff assistant.

4) Effective fall 2012, the number of course repeats allowed for graduate students is one.

5) Stipend and Tuition Rates for Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) and Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA).

6. When requesting a letter of recommendation, FERPA Form 9 must be provided to the ATS Office”