Recent ATS alumni success stories

Here in the Atmospheric Science Department, we celebrate and congratulate our students as they move forward in their careers! With the growth of the department, there will surely be more success stories to follow.

Guanyu Huang accepts fellowship with Harvard-Smithsonian Center

Guanyu Huang, Ph. D., advised by Dr. Mike Newchurch has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in the Atomic and Molecular Physics Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, as a Research Scholar at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. He will work in the team of Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO), the next generation geostationary satellite for air quality research.

His goal of the research is to improve remote sensing retrievals for obtaining measurements of trace gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, and perform scientific analysis with these atmospheric measurements. This will include development of improved calibration of spectra, extension to algorithm physics, improved data analysis procedures, and scientific analysis. The research will emphasize on retrievals of tropospheric ozone and other trace gases from the UV/visible spectra measured by the OMI, ACAM and GEO-TASO instruments, and analysis of biomass burning events using satellite and in situ measurements.

Adam Sherrer earns job with Earth Networks

Adam Sherrer, a M.S. student advised by Dr. Kevin Knupp, has accepted the position of Meteorological Representative Technician with Earth Networks. In this new role, Adam will travel and install new surface instrumentation including basic surface instrumentation along with lightning sensors and warning systems.

Danielle Kozlowski accepts Southwest Airlines internship

While finishing her thesis on lightening research, M.S. degree student Danielle Kozlowski will spend the fall 2014 semester as an intern with Southwest Airlines. In Southwest’s Dallas Headquarters, Danielle will be part of a team that prepares weather briefings and helps make real-time decision about weather issues related to the airline’s hundreds of flights every day. In addition to their forecasting, Southwest’s meteorologists take on research projects and case studies.

Todd Murphy lands Assistant Professor position

Todd Murphy has accepted an offer from the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) where he will work as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science. ULM is primarily a teaching institution and has the only undergraduate program in Meteorology/Atmospheric Science in the state of Louisiana.

In his new role, Todd will teach undergraduate courses in Severe and Hazardous Weather, Mesoscale Meteorology, and Synoptic Meteorology. He will also have the opportunity to develop a Radar Meteorology course along with a major specific Computer Applications course.

Todd says, “Landing this teaching position in today’s tough job market is a testament to the quality of UAH's Atmospheric Science department and the opportunities available to its students. I'm forever thankful to Dr. Sundar Christopher, who I went to a few years ago with a request to teach undergraduate classes at UAH. I believe it was this teaching experience, as well as the field work and instrumentation experience gained while working in Dr. Kevin Knupp's research group that helped me land the position.”

In addition to teaching, Todd plans to continue his atmospheric wave and severe weather research at ULM.

Three students from the Department of Atmospheric Science land jobs with the National Weather Service

“The recent NWS hires of our graduate students attests to the ATS department strengths in radar remote sensing and severe/hazardous weather, both of which continue to be important elements of expertise required of NWS personnel,” said Professor Kevin Knupp.

Dr. Knupp advises Aaron Mayhew who is heading to National Weather Service in Gaylord, Michigan.

Also heading to new positions with the National Weather Service are Ryan Rogers and Anthony Lamont Bain, recent graduates from Dr. Carey’s research team. Rogers is heading to the Mobile, AL office and Bain to the Fort Worth, TX office.

Bain explains, “The NWS Meteorologist Intern primarily deals with quality control of various hydrometeorological and climate data, participates in an upper air observation program, aids in the warning decision process via data acquisition of storm events (e.g., creates hail, flash flooding, wind, tornado reports) and is usually active in the realm of social media during warning operations. In addition, there is a lot of room for development and tons of training that will prepare me for a full-fledged forecaster.”

Mayhew adds, “My time spent at UAH with Dr. Knupp's research group certainly provided me with great experience and opportunities that helped me obtain a job with the National Weather Service. The field work was great for the combination of hands on running of multiple types of meteorological instruments and operational experience, trying to get that equipment in the right place at the right time. That experience combined with the great research done in the department is not something you can get everywhere, and I am glad I chose UAH for my graduate school.”

“The new NWS positions are a testament to our students' passion for and commitment to the better understanding and forecasting of severe weather with radar, lightning, satellite and other remote sensing observations,” said Professor Larry Carey.

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