The Atmospheric and Earth Science Department at UAH:

  • Is ranked in the top ten by the Chronicle of Higher Education based on faculty research productivity index
  • Consistently ranks nationally in the top 20 in research funding based on NSF metrics
  • Has 75 undergraduate and 40 graduate students
  • Has a faculty that includes three AMS fellows
  • Has graduated students who won back to back U.S. Presidential Early Career Awards (PECASE) in 2009 and 2010
  • Has faculty that won a share of the IPCC Nobel Peace Prize award
  • Lead Authors and Contributors to the Climate Change Science Panel Reports and WMO Ozone Assessment
  • Performs collaborative research with NOAA on lightning, air quality, severe weather and climate.
  • Is collocated with NWS and NASA thereby enabling students to get a unique collaborative experience.
  • Is home of the Mobile severe weather monitoring network that includes state of the art MIPS, MAX, ARMOR, and the NOWCASTR
  • Is home of the state of the art RAPCD ozone and aerosol lidar for chemistry and air quality research, including balloon-launch facility
  • Has international study abroad research programs with Panama and Germany
  • Has graduated students who have won prestigious awards such as the NOAA David Johnson Award
  • Performs on-site collaborative research with NASA’s SPoRT, SERVIR, and other programs at MSFC
  • Faculty and staff have testified many times before state legislatures and U.S. Congress
  • Houses the Office of the State Climatologist
  • Two recipients of the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement and AMS Special Awards for scientific research
  • Lead scientists and engineers on the GOES Lightning Mapping instrument
  • Eleven NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship graduate student awards

A message from our Chair

Welcome to UAH’s Department of Atmospheric and Earth Science. Our top ten ranking by the Chronicle of Higher Education can largely be attributed to the productivity of our faculty and students, along with the excellent relationships we enjoy with NASA, NOAA, USRA and our other partners. We share the National Space Science and Technology Center in UAH’s Cramer Research Hall with several of these partners.

Our students come from all over the world to study and conduct research on the earth-atmosphere system. Our graduates have gone on to win Presidential awards (PECASE), and to work in prestigious organizations as faculty members, researchers and educators, and as ambassadors in the larger community.

It is difficult to describe the areas of expertise in one phrase because of the breadth and depth of research in the Atmospheric and Earth Science Department. Some students are attracted to our severe weather program because they can ‘chase’ tornadoes, travel with our mobile fleet of advanced instruments to study land falling hurricanes, and study various aspects of severe weather. Students are also interested in leading edge research in satellite remote sensing, atmospheric chemistry, climate, atmospheric radiation, data assimilation and a wide variety of other atmospheric science topics.

Our students have taken on leadership roles in various venues, including the American Meteorological Society, and they continue to win major NASA and NSF fellowships and awards. I firmly believe our program will continue to grow and achieve even greater success as our students take on greater leadership roles in the community.

Thanks for checking our web pages. Please send your comments and suggestions to

– John Mecikalski, PhD

Chair, Department of Atmospheric and Earth Science

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