Lisa Liever


Ms. Lisa Liever
Principal Research Engineer III, Rotorcraft Systems Engineering and Simulation Center
Phone (256) 824-6747 (O)
Phone (256) 694-5075 (C)
Fax (256) 824-6791

Ms. Liever is an engineer and project manager supporting RSESC-Army contracts to redesign/enhance army equipment. Previous work entailed conceptualizing new designs, software, and new programs. A majority of her experience is in systems engineering and systems integration. She taught pre-calculus at the college level and served as the Associate Director of Science and Engineering researching interest in engineering short courses, identifying resources, and bringing courses to fruition. Positions in industry and at NASA provided her experience in testing, analysis, thermal engineering, and compliance of thermal designs. After obtaining her master's degree, she took full time employment as a Research Engineer in UTSI's Aviation Systems Group, where she was a member of the team presenting engineering flight test courses at the university, military installations, and at the US Naval Test Pilot School.

Ms. Liever served as an Aeronautical Engineering Duty Officer during her 10-year assignment in the US Naval Reserve. In addition to training, active duty assignments ranged from the IG's office to engineering trouble shooting.

A graduate of Tennessee Technological University with a B.S. degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics, Ms. Liever attended The University of Tennessee Space Institute and obtained an M.S. degree while working as a Graduate Research Assistant in Aviation Systems.

Ms. Liever is a member of the American Helicopter Society and Sigma Xi Research Society.

Selected Publications:

Technical Report, Army Aviation Area Navigation (RNAV) Study 2015 – 2025, Abbott, T., Liever, L., May 2013.

O'Brien, S.; Sabados, D.; Liever, L., Organizing Systems Engineering Plans with Users in Mind, presented at AHS Forum 66, May 2010.

Final Report, AGPU Exhaust Redesign, June 2011.

Final Report, AGPU II Study, January 2008.