Daniel Sillivant


Daniel Sillivant


Reliability Engineer


B.S.E. Chemical/Materials Engineering, University of Alabama in Huntsville

M.S.E. Reliability and Industrial Engineering, University of Alabama Huntsville

Ph.D. Reliability and Industrial Engineering, University of Alabama Huntsville, Expected Spring 2018

Areas of Experience:

        • System Reliability Modeling
          • Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD)
        • Reliability Centered Maintenance
          • Condition Based Maintenance
          • Stress Directed Maintenance
          • Time Directed Maintenance
        • Reliability Failure Analysis
          • Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
          • Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)
          • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
          • Reliability Growth
          • Failure and Repair Models
        • Life Cycle Management

Certifications and Training:

      • Certified Reliability Engineer
      • Engineer in Training, State of Alabama
      • Lean Concepts Training
      • Six Sigma Green Belt
      • Relex: Reliability Prediction Best Practice 



• Coauthored with Wessels, W. (April 2015). Affordable Reliability Engineering: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Sustainability & Logistical Support (p. 378). CRC Press. Boca Raton, FL

Peer-reviewed articles

• Sillivant, D., Gholston, S., & Wessels, W. (2011). Optimizing Availability Analysis using a Lean Six Sigma Process. Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, 4(2), 19-24.

• Sillivant, D. (2015). Reliability Centered Maintenance Cost Modeling : Lost Opportunity Cost. RAMS 2015 Symposium, 106–110.

• Sillivant, D., & Farrington, S. (2012). Determining the availability on a system of systems network. In Reliability and Maintainability Symposium 2012 (pp. 1 –5). Reno, Nevada. doi:10.1109/RAMS.2012.6175435

• Farrington, S., Sillivant, D., & Sautter, C. (2011). Reliability Centered Maintenance as Applied to Wind Turbine Power Plants. In ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 2011. Denver, Colorado.


• Sillivant, D. (2015). Using FMEA to Address Warranty Duration. Huntsville, Alabama: RAM VIII Training Summit

• Sillivant, D. (2015). Increase Data Availability and Reduce Logistical Support Cost Through Maintenance Management Information Systems. Vienna, Austria: Science and Technology Conference 2015

• Sillivant, D. (2014). Stress Directed Maintenance. Huntsville, Alabama: RAM VII Training Summit

Technical Environments:

• Windchill Quality Solutions (Formerly Relex)

• MathCad