Greg Doud


Greg Doud


Research Engineer


B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering, University of Alabama Huntsville

M.S.E. Mechanical Engineering, University of Alabama Huntsville, In Progress

Areas of Expertise:

  • Manufacturing and testing of composite materials
  • Project Management, Lead Engineer on materials research projects
  • Autoclave processing of thermosetting pre-pregs
  • Manufacture of specialty composites  using Polyester, Epoxy, Vinyl Ester resins, and special processes such as Resin Transfer Molding
  • Strain gage and Extensometer data acquisition
  • Failure Analysis Procedures


  • Composite design and machining process knowledge.
  • Static analysis of an anisotropic material.
  • Data Acquisition systems: i.e. LabVeiw Signal Express, M + P Modal analysis software.
  • Test specimen and experimental design.

Technical Skills:

  • Operation of servo hydraulic test machines: Instron, MTS
    Electromechanical test machines: Satec
    Halt/Hass Chamber: Hanse
    Modal Exciter/Accelerometer: M+P Int. Software
  • Design and fabrication of test fixtures

Major Software Packages:

  • SolidWorks, SolidEdge 
  • MS Office
  • MathCad