ram v logoCongratulations to seven of our students who participated in the Reliability and Maintainability Workshop sponsored by the Society of Reliability Engineers and the Engineering Directorate. The Student Session included participants from a number of universities including Auburn, University of Mississippi, University of Arizona and University of Tennessee.
As a result of the Student Sessions, our students were awarded a total of $4000.00 in scholarship money.  The first place graduate student award was presented to RFAL’s Charles Boyles.
These students represented the university well.  Four of our seven participants had previously presented at the RAM IV Conference and won scholarships for their work.  In addition, we had three new competitors for this year’s conference. All of our students presented their topics as professionals. Their presentations sparked interest in the audience and several comments were made by those in attendance that there is valuable work happening at UAHuntsville RFAL.
We continue to be a key resource for work force development for Team Redstone.


Charles Boyles

"Reliability of Heliostats"

Reliability of Heliostats.pdf


Hunter Bray

"Sustainability in the Production of Rayon"

Sustainability in the Production of Rayon.pdf


Greg Doud

"Techniques for Determining Material Properties for Advanced Materials"

Techniques for Determining Material Properties for Advanced Materials.pdf


Sean Leonard

"Transportation Testing Techniques"

Shipping Sensitive Electronics Transportation Testing Techniques.pdf


Nathan Rigoni

"H.A.L.T for Destruct Limits"

H.A.L.T for Destruct Limits.pdf


Daniel Sillivant

"Characterizing Reliability Data Using the 3-Parameter Weibull Distribution"

Characterizing Reliability Data Using the 3-Parameter Weibull Distribution.pdf


Andrew Zollar

"Altitude Testing of DC Voltage Standards"

Altitude Testing of DC Voltage Standards.pdf

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