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 Visitors in On-campus Housing

  • Access to on-campus housing is restricted until further notice.
  • Only residents will be allowed access to the living spaces in an on-campus housing facility.
  • This restriction excludes employees, security personnel, and other individuals having an essential reason to access the facility. An “essential reason” will be pre-approved by campus housing or an organization’s house corps. This restriction applies to the living spaces in all on-campus housing facilities.

Off-campus Visitors to Campus

  • To minimize the risk of COVID-19 being brought to campus, visitor access must be limited.
  • Visitors should come to campus only by invitation or for specific events.
  • All official visitors must be pre-approved by the staff member's or faculty member's supervisor and have a green passport to come onto campus. The green passport can be obtained from the visitor portal.
  • UAH uses Healthcheck and Event Passport, the GuideSafe™ platform tools for visitors. If you pass the Healthcheck, you will be granted an Event Passport. The Event Passport must be used to access campus buildings and campus events, including athletic and fine arts events.  See instructions in the yellow callout box below to complete your GuideSafe™ Healthcheck.
  • Visitor access to university buildings requires facemasks or face coverings when entering buildings that are in red, orange or yellow status.


Visitor Healthcheck Procedure

Within 36 hours prior to your visit to campus, please click on the Visitor's Healthcheck button below and complete and submit the GuideSafe™ registration form. You will then receive a text or email invitation to complete a secure, confidential health questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, you will be notified via text or email whether or not you are granted an Event Passport to visit campus.

Visitor's Healthcheck

Please note: After your visit to campus you will receive text messages for 14 days asking if you have tested positive for COVID-19. Please help us keep the UAH community safe by responding to these texts. We are deeply grateful for your cooperation. Thank you!