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The UAH Return to Campus Plan requires that each member of the UAH community complete training before returning to campus. Faculty, staff and students will receive an invitation from UAH Canvas to participate in a course. The COVID-19: Basic Safety and Awareness training and quiz must be completed through the Canvas course. 

The Basic Safety & Awareness Course will cover COVID-19 awareness and health and safety requirements, along with how to report your health via Charger Healthcheck. Additional specialized training may be required for areas around campus.

While the training does not cover all aspects of UAH procedures for being on campus, it covers the essential information to be safe during the pandemic. Employees and students are expected to fully comply with policies, practices and protocols. Employees and students should learn where the resources are located and use them.

This course will be updated as we continue to learn more. You can access the COVID-19: Basic Safety and Awareness course by logging in to your Canvas account.


Change of Working Status for Employees

To make a request to change your status, Code (S) Already on campus regularly and should go into Sentinel Testing, Code (R) Will continue to work remotely and would not be returning to campus, or Code (T) Needs to return to campus and should be included in Re-entry Testing, fill out the Status Change Request Form. Please note, you must have approval from your respective Vice President to change your status.


Change My Working Status