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Students who are returning to campus for fall 2020 and have not already participated in re-entry testing must complete a COVID-19 test and receive their negative result before resuming on-campus activities for fall semester 2020. Returning students who do not complete a COVID-19 test will not be allowed to come onto campus to attend class, perform research on campus, perform their jobs on campus, or participate in any departmental, college, or university activities. Individuals who test positive or have already had COVID-19 must receive clearance from a health care provider before returning to campus. 

Re-entry testing is not required for students who are enrolled as a fully online/remote student and will not be coming on campus for any reason during the fall 2020 semester. Course schedules must reflect fully online for re-entry testing to be waived. Schedules will be verified.

Re-entry Testing Options

  • On-site Testing at Executive Plaza. UAH will provide free tests to every returning student at Executive Plaza by appointment. Walk-in testing is NOT available.
  • Private Option.  If you want your doctor to test, you can do so, but at your expense.  Simply have the test done within 14 days of return and send the results to

If you test positive

This will happen for some – even with no symptoms. Those who test positive must follow isolation and quarantine protocols. You must receive clearance from a health care provider before you return.  Ask your local health department or physician for more instructions, and please let us know so we can provide you information and assistance.  Please contact the Student Health Center at

If you already had COVID-19

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 12 weeks, please do not re-test at this time. Instead, send a copy of your positive test result and medical clearance from a health care provider to return to campus to If you have additional questions, please email:


Frequently Asked Questions

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