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Faculty and staff must have an appointment to be tested. Walk-in testing is NOT available. Faculty and staff designated Code (T) will receive an email to schedule re-entry COVID-19 tests.  If you have recently changed your working status, there may be a delay in your registration with Verily, the testing scheduling portal.

As The University of Alabama in Huntsville returns for the Fall 2020 semester, preventing an outbreak in the workplace is a top priority. One positive step is re-entry testing for COVID-19.

Faculty and staff who are returning to campus for fall 2020 and who have not been regularly on campus before August 4, 2020 must complete a COVID-19 test and receive their negative result before resuming on-campus activities for fall semester 2020. Returning faculty and staff who do not complete a COVID-19 test will not be allowed to come onto campus to teach class, perform research on campus, perform their jobs on campus, or participate in any departmental, college, or university activities. Individuals who test positive or have already had COVID-19 must receive clearance from a health care provider before returning to campus.

Following the re-entry testing period, sentinel testing of faculty and staff will be conducted regularly to signal trends, identify outbreaks, and monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 on a randomized sample of approximately 4% of employees. Additional information on sentinel testing will be coming soon.

Re-entry Testing Options

  • GuideSafe™ (formerly known as Stay Safe Together™) will provide free tests to every returning faculty and staff member. You will receive an email with details about scheduling your test. Walk-in testing is NOT available.
  • Private Option.  If you want your doctor to test, you can do so, but at your expense.  Simply have the test done within 14 days of return and send the results to

Re-entry Testing Dates and Times

Dates: August 4 -21 

Times: 8 a.m.-noon and 1-6 p.m. These hours may vary based on daily demand.

Testing Location

Spragins Hall. You will receive an email with details about scheduling your test. Walk-in testing is NOT available.


Prior to testing

Employees must complete registration and schedule a test through the Verily scheduling portal prior to being tested.

What to bring

  • A mask to wear in the building
  • Your Account ID number assigned through the Verily scheduling portal
  • Your driver’s license

What to expect

  • Face coverings are required to be worn while employees are inside Spragins Hall
  • Identifications will be verified.

Testing conditions

Do not go to the testing site if you have had any of the following:

  • Close contact with a person who is known to be COVID positive within the past 14 days.
  • Been tested for suspected COVID within the last 14 days.
  • Been symptomatic with or without testing. Employees must be symptom free for at least three days.

Those who meet any of the criteria above should contact the UAH Faculty and Staff Clinic or their primary care provider. Employees with symptoms should email or contact the Faculty/Staff Clinic for assistance.

Scheduling Tips

To schedule a free test on UAH campus, visit If you have recently been hired or have changed your working status, there may be a delay in your registration in the Verily system.

  • First, click “Create Your Account”
  • Enter your Charger ID email address, not your alias address (e.g., NOT
  • Be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your government issued ID. These will need to match when you arrive for testing.
  • After selecting an appointment time, make sure to record your Account ID or take a screenshot including your Account ID. This ID number is required when checking in to be tested.
  • Do not expect to receive a confirmation email including your Account ID. Bring your government issued ID card and Account ID with you when you arrive for testing. You will NOT be eligible for testing without your government issued ID card or Account ID when you arrive

If you test positive

This will happen for some – even with no symptoms. Those who test positive must follow isolation and quarantine protocols. You must receive clearance from a health care provider before you return.  Ask your local health department or physician for more instructions, and please let us know so we can provide you information and assistance.  Please contact the Faculty and Staff Clinic at email 

If you already had COVID-19

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 12 weeks, please do not re-test at this time. Instead, provide a copy of your positive test result and medical clearance from a health care provider to return to campus to If you have additional questions, please email:


Change of Working Status

To make a request to change your status, Code (S) Already on campus regularly and should go into Sentinel Testing, Code (R) Will continue to work remotely and would not be returning to campus, or Code (T) Needs to return to campus and should be included in Re-entry Testing, fill out the Status Change Request Form. Please note, you must have approval from your respective Vice President to change your status. All requests to change from Codes S or R to Code T must be completed by 5 p.m. Aug. 12 in order to be eligible to participate in the free on-campus testing option through GuideSafe™


Change My Working Status


Frequently Asked Questions

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