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Charger Healthcheck, a COVID-19 Assessment Tool

Charger Healthcheck is a COVID-19 assessment tool for employees and students to report the existence of any current COVID-19-related symptoms, exposure history, and testing history. You may begin using Healthcheck now.

Complete Your Healthcheck


Accessing Charger Healthcheck, a COVID-19 assessment tool, requires your Charger ID.  Employees and students are encouraged to complete Charger Healthcheck daily. UAH requires employees and students to complete it at least every three days and offers an option to get a text reminder. Charger Healthcheck does not track the location of users. Entry of a phone number is for text reminders only, not for any location tracing or tracking purposes.

Make your check in quick and easy:

  • Pin Charger Healthcheck to your phone’s home screen.
  • iPhone/iPad: open Charger Healthcheck in your browser, tap the share icon at the bottom, click “Add to Home Screen” from the menu.
  • Android: open Charger Healthcheck in your browser, click on the three dots in the top right menu, select “Add to Home Screen” from the menu.


Students, faculty and staff must be free of all symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 to return to campus and campus activities. Click here for the Centers for Disease Control's most up-to-date symptom list.

Charger Healthcheck will help us all be safe on campus and help our community beat COVID-19. UAH  employees and students are required to log on and share your symptoms — even if you are feeling healthy — to keep our campus community safe.

If the survey responses indicate the user is symptom-free and has no close exposure to someone with COVID-19 illness, the individual is cleared to be on campus, if all other re-entry requirements have been met.

If the survey responses show the user is currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the preceding month, the user will not be permitted to be on campus until medically cleared by the Faculty and Staff Clinic or the Student Health Center.

If you have symptoms, contact your health care provider and notify Human Resources (for faculty/staff) or the Dean of Students (for students). Do not come to work or report to campus (CDC isolation guidance). The Faculty and Staff Clinic or the Student Health Center will actively monitor your progress and follow up with you as necessary. Together, we can return to a healthy and safe campus.


Frequently Asked Questions

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