The first full week of classes is now underway.  We hope that your classes are going well and that your research is productive.  This short communication is to make you aware of two tools that are available to assist you with compliance to the health and safety rules. 

Assistance with Checking Passports for Hybrid and Traditional Classes

OIT has created a process where instructors are emailed a list of students who are not compliant with Charger Healthcheck.  Starting on Monday, August 24, emails will be sent to faculty at 7:00 a.m. each morning and will be sent only for courses scheduled to meet that day.    Non-compliant students will be included in the e-mail if they are scheduled to be in class that day.  BLUE non-compliant students will be included on Mondays and Tuesdays.  SILVER non-compliant students will be included on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday will include all students. 

If all students in a course are compliant, an email will be sent indicating such. 

Online and courses designated as remote (R section courses) are excluded from this process. 

Please remember that students may begin a day non-compliant but may complete Healthcheck before or during their first classes and then be compliant.  At that point, those students should have a green passport to show you that allows entry into class. 

Faculty can also check the status of a student by visiting Self Service Banner and selecting either Detailed Class List or UAH Photo Class Roster from the Faculty Services tab.   A red border around students’ pictures indicate they are non-compliant with Charger Healthcheck. 

This process will start Monday, August 24, 2020. 

If you have any concerns about this process or if glitches occur, please contact the OIT helpdesk at or 256-824-3333.

Enforcing Compliance with Health and Safety Requirements

In our communication on August 7, 2020, “Encouraging Safe Student Behavior: Recommendations for Addressing Classroom Situations during a Pandemic,” there is a description under the Enforcement Section that describes a progressive discipline process for students who are not complying with the requirement for wearing face coverings in the classroom.   To illustrate this process and provide a means for a quick reminder of the process, a flow chart of the sequence of events was developed.

Assistance Available

This schedule will change on November 20, 2020, when in-person classes are scheduled to end. There will also be exceptions for holidays (such as Labor Day). You can find the Library’s complete hours at

GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification App. 

The GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification app is a contact tracing app that is available to UAH faculty, staff, and students at no charge.  Everyone in the university community is encouraged to use this app because it affords us the opportunity to protect each other and ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Users of the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification App can anonymously share a positive COVID-19 test result.  The app also obtains information on close contacts so that you can be anonymously notified of potential previous close contact with someone who later reports a positive COVID-19 test result without sharing anyone’s identity. The app protects your privacy while giving you the power to protect the health of yourself, your family, and your community. Use of the app is voluntary for all UAH faculty, staff and students.

Traditional contact tracing by experts at public health departments and notification protocols at UAH will continue. The GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification app does not replace either of those processes. The app, however, can help anonymously notify those who you do not know or do not remember about possible exposure.  For more information about the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification app and a list of frequently asked questions, please visit the GuideSafe™ website.

Additional information about the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification App can be found at the UAH reopening website