Thank you for your patience as the UAH research community works through the protocols to resume modified business operations on campus. The purpose of this email is to communicate the new protocols that are required to resume Human Subject Research because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Human Subject Research is identified as any research that requires IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval. 

UAH research is presently operating under the designation code of Yellow or Modified Business Operations. Basically, research on campus can only resume if all personnel involved follow the guidance set forth in the Research Protocols at The University of Alabama in Huntsville and the workspace has been approved (Approval Process for Resumption of On-Campus Research during Code Yellow Operations).     

Human Subject Research that requires in-person activities must adhere to the additional protocols which are also available on the UAH IRB website. The first document applies to research that has already been approved by the IRB. In this case, the PI must sign the document committing to the protocol and then send the signed form to . The second document applies to any new IRB applications. The additional protocol must be included in the application.