uah students watching a movie outdoors


The UAH experience extends beyond the classroom.  Planning is underway to help student organizations and event planners preserve the student experience, consistent with public health and safety requirements.

Student Groups and Greek Life

  • Student Life has developed plans for the fall and will continuously revise them with input from our Student Life professionals and students, with a priority of making events virtual when possible.
  • Student Life will assist student organizations to use and plan for larger physical spaces, allowing for greater social distancing for face-to-face events and meetings.
  • Social events and group activities will be planned to preserve the experience, consistent with health and safety requirements.
  • Student groups will be assisted in their own efforts to educate and train on health promotions, and to maintain required distancing and other safety protocols.

Student Services

  • Critical services, such as Career Services, the Counseling Center and Student Health Center will continue with enhanced remote availability.
  • Academic support services including the Library, Disability Student Services (DSS), Testing Services, and Student Success Center will continue to support students. The Student Success Center will provide enhanced remote options.

Athletics and Large Events

  • Athletics is busy working on contingency plans, should health and safety require changes to event schedules, attendee expectations and/or facility capacity.
  • Appropriate symptom screening will be a standard expectation of entry at many campus events.