uah students watching a movie outdoors


The UAH experience extends beyond the classroom.  Planning is underway to help student organizations and event planners preserve the student experience, consistent with public health and safety requirements.

Student Groups and Greek Life

  • Student Life will continuously revise plans with input from our Student Life professionals and students, with a priority of making events virtual when possible.
  • Student Life will assist student organizations to use and plan for larger physical spaces, allowing for greater social distancing for face-to-face events and meetings.
  • Social events and group activities will be planned to preserve the experience, consistent with health and safety requirements.
  • Student groups will be assisted in their own efforts to educate and train on health promotions, and to maintain required distancing and other safety protocols.



To mitigate spread of the virus upon return to campus, there will be a two-week moratorium on student organization-sponsored social events to begin the spring semester.

Event Registration

  • All academic and student events permitted on campus must comply with state and local health ordinances, and System and campus policies.
  • All academic or social events must be pre-registered with the Office of Academic Affairs (all events except Student Affairs events) or the Office of Student Affairs (all Student Affairs social events), and must include the proposed number of attendees and a plan for maintaining social distancing.
  • Event registrations must be updated following the event to include a comprehensive list of attendees, and maintained for at least 14 days following the event.
  • It is preferred for food NOT to be served at meetings and events. However, if food is served it must be pre-packaged items only.
  • Event organizers must provide attendees with a link to Charger Healthcheck twenty-four (24) hours before the event, and must use the Event Passport to facilitate access into the event.
  • A list of all event attendees must be maintained by the department or student organization hosting the event for no less than fourteen (14) days.
  • Any exception to these event limitations must be approved in writing by the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Provost.

Attendance Limitations for Academic and Student Events

  • Duration of events cannot exceed two (2) hours.
  • Event attendance is limited to the number of people that can be accommodated, taking into account square footage and physical distancing requirements. The capacity of all social and academic events must comply with all applicable health ordinances in place when the event is registered and hosted. Event attendance may not exceed fifty (50) people indoors and one-hundred (100) people outdoors.
  • All academic events hosted by a faculty member, department, or college are subject to the same limitations imposed in a class setting.

Off-campus Events

  • Until further notice, no student organizations may hold off-campus events. This includes parties, swaps, formals, and other social gatherings. This restriction applies regardless of whether the event is organized by the student organization or on its behalf by some of its members or someone acting on their behalf.
  • Academic events hosted off campus must have special written approval from the Provost.


Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in sanctions against students and student organizations.

Athletics and Large Events

  • Athletics is busy working on contingency plans, should health and safety require changes to event schedules, attendee expectations and/or facility capacity.
  • Appropriate symptom screening will be a standard expectation of entry at many campus events.