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UAH has developed a multi-faceted plan to ensure that all students will have access to equal, high-quality course material and instruction come the fall semester. Specific strategies for classroom and online instruction are currently in development and will be ready for the return to campus. Please refer back to this site often for the latest updates.


Classroom and Instructional Strategies

  • Increased social distancing in the classroom.
  • All faculty, staff, and students must wear face coverings (masks, face shields, or both) in classrooms, labs, communal office space, on-campus gatherings, or in any campus-setting where social distancing is difficult to maintain.
  • Create remote access to on-campus courses to allow students to access courses fully online if they cannot attend on campus or otherwise prefer not to.
  • Use of hybrid approaches to teaching and material dissemination, providing both face-to-face class experiences and online course content.
  • Increased routine cleaning of classrooms.

Student Services

Preparing for Fall Semester 2020 at UAH

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Frequently Asked Questions

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