A message from the president of UAH.

Dear Students,

I hope each of you have had a summer that was foremost safe but was productive as well. The administration, faculty and staff are looking forward to your return to the campus in the coming weeks.

Looking ahead to the fall semester, it is our goal to continue to offer high-quality instruction and impactful academic preparation while continuing to protect the health of everyone who comes to campus. We are using the most stringent care from guidelines that have been developed through resources from the federal, state and local governments.

Our planning for the fall semester followed a very logical and well-reasoned approach. The best practices, rules and protocols developed by numerous agencies will be strictly enforced for everyone who comes to campus. We know those who truly value The University of Alabama in Huntsville will be conscientious enough to abide by the expectations of our institution. As we continue to monitor this pandemic, we believe our approach represents the best, most responsible way for the UAH family to resume residential education.

Many dedicated faculty, staff and students have put in long hours to prepare for your safe return to campus life, but all of us must work together to ensure that our fall semester experience is successful.

Charge on,

Darren Dawson