A message from the president of UAH.

Dear Charger Family,


I’m excited to announce we are launching our campus-wide United Way campaign today, which will run through Dec. 3. Through your financial support, United Way of Madison County has been Creating Hope in our community for 78 years. This non-profit organization supports 27 health and human service agencies with 35 programs. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, United Way stood strong and was always there to help others.

During these unprecedented times, our families, friends and neighbors have counted on us more than ever. Together we can continue to Create Hope. Together we can continue to respond to crisis and build a stronger community by focusing our efforts on the education, health and financial stability of those in need.

That’s why I ask that you consider making a gift to the United Way. Your contribution works in so many ways to support those who are struggling to make their way through life. Through our collaborative partnerships and agencies, the United Way’s vision is to work for a stronger and healthier Madison County with more opportunities and fewer obstacles to success for individuals and families.

This is a vision where youth succeed in school and become productive members of the community; where everyone is healthy; where emergency needs of individuals and families are met; where seniors and disabled adults maintain their independence and enjoy a good quality of life; and where individuals and families are economically stable.

The United Way of Madison County connects those who can help with people in need. When you give, your dollars go to a community impact fund that is distributed to three focus areas: Health, Financial Stability and Education. Or you may choose the option to customize your gift to go directly to a specific area or individual agency. The choice is up to you.

And never forget, your gift changes lives. Your contribution will Create Hope for someone else. In these uncertain times, I challenge each of you to stand up and be counted. Let’s make a difference this year! Visit the UAH United Way campaign website to make your contribution. Any dollar amount helps.

With sincerest wishes,


Darren Dawson