Dr. Kader Frendi



Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Phone: 256.824.7206
Email: kader.frendi@uah.edu 

Dr. Frendi is a professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at University of Alabama in Huntsville. He received his Masters and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics from Brown University. Before coming to UAH, Dr. Frendi worked in the Structural Acoustics Branch of NASA Langley Research Center as a research contractor. Dr. Frendi worked closely with several experimentalists in structural acoustics while developing the various Fluid-Structure-Acoustic interaction models published in Journal of Sound and Vibrations,AIAA, and Vibration and Acoustics. He also worked on the High Speed Research and Hyper-X programs. His contributions to these various programs are numerous and published. Boeing recently obtained a copy of his computational toolbox, which predicts the response of a flat panel to a supersonic turbulent boundary layer. While at UAH, Dr. Frendi generated over $3.5M in contracts and grants from various agencies. His work spans various engineering applications such as Rocket Engine Noise, Combustion-Acoustic interactions, Turbulent Boundary-Flexible Structure interactions, and the prediction and control of acoustic loads generated during space shuttle lift-off.