PRC Industry Day 2010

UAH Propulsion Research Center Industry Day

"The Role of the University in Next Generation Propulsion Technologies"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Introductory Talking Points

  1. PRC Heritage
    1. Established in 1991, Dr. Hawk's death 2008
    2. Performed Hands-On/Student Oriented Research - 1 to 3 million per year
    3. Guided over 130 advanced degrees
  2. Recent Highlights at UAH
    1. New Administration - Pres. David Williams, Dr. Michael Griffin
    2. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering growing to 900 students
    3. University Student Launch Initiative Placed First in the Nation
  3. Purpose of the Day
    1. Strategic Thinking - 5-Year plan in October
    2. Morning is Listening/Afternoon is Show and Tell
    3. Begin Ongoing Dialogue - Documentation of this meeting

UAH Propulsion Research Center Industry Day