It is important to have a resume, as it quantifies your time spent outside of the classroom. It can serve as glimpse into who you are, essentially a brochure about you and your experiences. It is also a great way to keep all information organized and makes it easy for readers to see accomplishments and trajectory.

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Pre-Health and Pre-Law Resumes

Pre-health resumes grant opportunities to include headings like "Shadowing", "Community Service", "Health Care Experience", and "Research".

Pre-law resumes showcase coursework, internships, leadership, achievements and awards, and law related experiences.


Focus on experiences and achievements after high school, since evidence of maturity and an interest in growth is essential to demonstrate.

List the most recent experience first when ordering experiences.


Typically, no more than one page. If you have relevant experience and activities that merit more than one page, use two full pages. The most important information should remain on page one.

If you need help with making your resume, your Pre-Professional Advisor can help. Make an appointment today!


Use active descriptions to explain each category at the start of each bullet, words like: created, developed, managed, and facilitated.

Do not list something only to fill space, this could be damaging in an interview later.

The Pre-Professional Advisor is available to assist!