Lawyers have a wide range of fields in which they can practice. Among the many tasks they can accomplish, they can provide legal advice, research and gather evidence, defend individuals in court, create legal documents, and negotiate disputes.

Key Points
  • Being "Pre-Law" is an interest in addition to your major.
  • Law schools accept a variety of majors and have no specific coursework required.


Juris Doctorate, JD

On average, this degree takes approximately 3-4 years to complete, depending on the program.

Other Options

Many law schools offer a variety of degree options and joint programs:

  • JD/MBA
  • JD/MA
  • JD/MS
  • JD/PhD
  • JD/MSW
  • JD/LLM

Various Schools in Alabama

Suggested Coursework & GPA Requirements

To be a competitive applicant, a 3.7+ cumulative GPA is recommended.

Admission to law schools requires an undergraduate degree and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Some schools will require additional pieces of information (personal statement, letters of recommendation, etc.)

There are no set courses required to enter law school.

Sometimes, an individual's career interest may determine their selection of coursework. For example, if you desire to be a patent attorney for an engineering company, then engineering courses might be beneficial.

It is encouraged to enroll in courses at UAH which may increase your ability to think and write critically, as these skills are required in law school and used in practice. Development of these skills may differ for each individual, thus the selection of courses may vary per person.

Courses are not limited to the below selection. Consider a variety of courses to enhance your skill set which appeal to you.

Courses to Consider:
Suggested CourseName of Course at UAH
Philosophy PHL 101 (Introduction to Philosophy), PHL 102 (Introduction to Ethics), PHL 201 (Introduction to Logic)
Communication CM 113 (Speech), CM 310 (Persuasion), CM 313 (Business & Professional Communication), CM 418 (Legal Argument)
Sociology SOC 105 (Cultural Anthropology), SOC 307 (Sociology of Law)
English ENG 300 (Business Writing), ENG 320 (Practicum), Any English challenging you to think & write critically
Political Science (lower level) PSC 101 (American Government), PSC 102 (Comparative Politics), PSC 103 (State/Local Government)
Political Science (upper level) PSC 451 (Law, Courts & Public Policy), PSC 452 (Amer Const Law)
Economics ECN 142 (Macro), ECN 143 (Micro)
Accounting ACC 211 (Prin of Fin Accnt), ACC 212 (Management Accounting), 
Business BLS 211 (Legal Environment/Business), BLS 400 (Law, Ethics, & Business), BLS 406 (Govmt Contract Law)
Foreign Language FL 101+
Kinesiology KIN 442 (Intro to Sports Law)

The combination of the above courses are guidelines. It is recommended to take courses that appeal to you.

Pre-Law Coursework Options

A number of the courses listed above are compiled together for you at UAH. These optional choices, which provide a variety of coursework and skill sets, are not required for entry to law school.

Entrance Exam


The LSAT is the required entrance exam for law school, which tests on:

  • Reading Comprehension: The ability to read with comprehensive understanding of material.
  • Analytical Reasoning: The ability to understand relationships and draw inferences.
  • Logical Reasoning: The ability to assess, examine, and critically interpret arguments.
Testing Centers & Preparation

The LSAT is offered four times a year.

The strongest way to increase your score is to take practice tests from the LSAC. In between each test, assess strengths and weaknesses, focus on improving weaknesses, and re-assess with another practice test. Visit the LSAT website and make an appointment with the Office of Pre-Professional Advising for recommendations on preparation.

Timing and Organization

Take the exam once prepared. Many students do so in the summer of the year they are planning to apply to professional school. Schedule a one-on-one advising appointment with the Pre-Professional Advisor to discuss your individualized timeline.

Many programs move quickly. Plan ahead and apply early.

Alabama Scholars Admissions Program

The University of Alabama School of Law offers a streamlined process for UAH students to help them enter the field of law at the University of Alabama.

If you meet the following criteria, you could find out your admission status within approximately 24 hours from the completion of your application.


  • Senior in good standing at UAH
  • LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.80 (according to the CAS report)
  • Completed Alabama Scholars Admission Program application
  • LSAT Score

If you would like help with your application for the Alabama Scholars Admissions Program, please visit the Office of Pre-Professional Advising.

Outside Class Experiences


What better way to make sure you want to be a lawyer than by shadowing and talking with one? Shadowing can help you determine your career area of interest and help others see you as prepared.

Community Service & Involvement

Add to your application with volunteer work or leadership in various UAH student organizations. Find something enjoyable to contribute to and go forth!

Honors and Awards

Awards and accomplishments demonstrate the ability to work hard on one's academic performance and application.

Getting into law school is about preparation and determination. It's a complex process and we're here to help!