optometry club officers


Optometry Club

PPA is proud to introduce the new RSO: Optometry Club. Their executive officers are hard at work to provide an unforgettable experience for pre-optometry students at UAH. They are currently planning different ideas for what they will be doing permanently for the upcoming academic year. Sign-up for more information.


Brooke Sheetz, Office of Pre-Professional Advising Coordinator


  • Prepare students for success in the field of Optometry through networking, volunteering, shadowing, and entrance exam review.
  • Inform and educate interested students about the growing field of Optometry.
  • Support organizations whose missions are directed toward the education, improvement of sight and the overall field of Optometry.
  • Enhanced leadership skills through peer mentorship and campus involvement.

How to Join

Email ppa@uah.edu to find out how you can become a member.


Olaoluwa Douglass


Nate Bridges

Vice President

Maria Burns


Lisette Ponce 


David Summerville