Academic Affairs
January, 2001
To establish a process for the waiver of our standard search process when recruiting faculty for temporary positions.
Recruiting temporary faculty requires a procedure with sufficient flexibility to accommodate immediate staffing needs.

When recruiting temporary full-time faculty, units are governed by these guidelines

  1. Requests to fill a position originate in the department or program and are forwarded to the dean of the college.
  2. The dean discusses recruiting priorities with the Provost and obtains written permission to open a position. Budget and program needs must be identified and justified.
  3. When permission has been obtained from the Provost, the following steps must be taken:
    1. Prepare Form A: Authorization to Recruit Academic Personnel
    2. Prepare a spreadsheet identifying funding sources and forward spreadsheet with the "Authorization to Recruit" form.
    3. Prepare the advertisement and attach a memorandum to Faculty Equal Employment Coordinator requesting a waiver (with rationale) of the search process to recruit faculty for a temporary full-time position.
  4. Place the advertisement following established HR procedures.
  5. Complete Form E: Request for On-Campus Interview for candidates who will receive reimbursement for travel expenses. Skype or other such mechanisms may be used for interviewing candidates.
  6. When an acceptable individual is identified, the following steps must be taken:
    1. The department chair makes a recommendation for appointment to the dean. The dean obtains approval from the Provost to make an offer.
    2. Upon approval by the Provost, the dean prepares an offer letter.
    3. The Faculty Equal Employment Coordinator will review the offer letter prior to final approval by the Provost.
Academic Affairs will review the policy every five years or sooner as needed.

Waiver of Search Process for Recruiting Full-Time Temporary Faculty