PRO 280 - Private Pilot Ground School

Semester Hours: 3

PRO 280 - Private Pilot Ground SchoolPrepares student for FAA Private Pilot written examination and provides student with necessary knowledge to progress into primary pilot flight training. A Private Pilot Kit must be purchased separately, see below for details.

Whether you are aspiring to an aviation career, or just want to learn the requirements to become a pilot, you will gain a better appreciation and understanding of aviation and piloting airplanes. Prepare to successfully complete the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Private Pilot - Airplane Knowledge Test. Passing this test is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a Private Pilot's license from the FAA. This course is designed in accordance with Part 141 - Pilot Schools Training Requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Cover the twelve federally mandated aeronautical knowledge areas required for private pilot certification. FAA-approved and aviation-industry endorsed curriculum training techniques and materials are used.

gleimaviation ppkit

Gleim Aviation Private Pilot Kit

The comprehensive Private Pilot Kit is authored by Gleim Aviation, the industry standard in pilot training, and supplemented by in-flight photography and multimedia to reinforce the basic knowledge requirements and examples presented. The Private Pilot kit costs approximately $150 and is available at the UAH or Off Campus Bookstore.

PRO 301 - Theories and Practices of Adult Learning

Semester Hours: 3

PRO 301 - Theories and Practices of Adult LearningThis course presents an overview of five foundational learning theories and related research in adult education and development. The conceptual framework is centered on discovering what motivates the adult learner and the impact social perspectives have on adult learning through analysis and discussion. Students will define competencies needed for success in academic study and professional leadership, in setting educational goals, and in planning a learning experience to achieve them. Emphasis is placed on issues unique to adult re-entry students and the university services available to support nontraditional students.

Sample Syllabus:PRO 301 Syllabus

PRO 310 - Academic Writing for Professional Studies

Semester Hours: 3

PRO 310 - Academic Writing for Professional StudiesStudents will learn academic writing skills by engaging in the process of academic inquiry and argument. The course will cover a broad perspective of writing by exploring various writing and research styles used through different academic professions. Prerequisites:EH 102 or EH 105.

Sample Syllabus:PRO 310 Syllabus

PRO 320 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Critical Thinking

Semester Hours: 3

PRO 320 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Critical ThinkingInterdisciplinary studies fosters foundational knowledge acquisition by which individuals draw on multiple disciplinary perspectives and integrate their insights and modes of thinking to advance the studies and the fundamental development of critical and analytical thinking skills. Complex issues are addressed from multi-facted perspectives that stimulate problem solving, problem defining and problem posing. Emphasis is placed on how to synthesize evidence drawn from multiple sources as a basis for informed decision-making.

Sample Syllabus:PRO 320 Syllabus

PRO 325 - Interdisciplinary Research and Applicaiton

Semester Hours: 3

PRO 325 - Interdisciplinary Research and ApplicaitonInterdisciplinary research is a contempoary decision-making process for transcending the scope of a single discipline or program to develop insights thta offer bold advances in knowledge, solutions to urgent societal problems, an edge in technological innovations, and a more integrative knowledge of multidisciplinary theories and concepts. This course introduces the primary drivers for interdisciplinary research and examines the interdisciplinary research process. Students will apply an integrated model for conducting research thta draws on multiple disciplines. Prerequisites:PRO 310 and PRO 320.

Sample Syllabus:PRO 325 Syllabus

PRO 498 - Inquiry and Learning

Semester Hours: 3

PRO 498 - Inquiry and LearningInquiry-based learning accelerates understanding, fosters critical thinking skills, and facilitates self-direction and discovery. Using this method, students will identify an interdisciplinary problem related to their approved concentration area, perform the foundational research, and formulate a research proposal. This is the first of a two-semester progression to complete a Capstone research thesis/project in PRO 499. Prerequisite:PRO 325.

PRO 498/499 Student Guidelines Handbook*

PRO 499 - Capstone Experience: Research/Thesis Project

Semester Hours: 3

PRO 499 - Capstone Experience: Research/Thesis ProjectStudents majoring in Professional Studies are required to complete a senior research thesis in their approved interdisciplinary conceentration. This Capstone course requires the student to demonstrte his/her ability to integrate the core knowledge and skills gained in their interdisciplinary areas of study using inquiry-based learning methods. Research is conducted and a thesis-style paper is written and orally presented. Prerequisite:PRO 498 with minimum grade of C-.

PRO 498/499 Student Guidelines Handbook*

*All students in the Bachelor in Professional Studies program are required to complete a senior thesis project.
The Capstone Experience: PRO 498 and PRO 499 Guidelines serves as a handbook for students as they navigate their final research project.